Digital Media Awards 16th June 2009


This the 6th Year my LA (Blackpool) has staged the Digital Media Awards, hosted by the local Odeon Cinema.  In that time the awards has developed into an annual event showcasing the high quality ICT and its practises that are taking place within the Authority.  This year my school created a number of entries (particularly for the Podcasting category) 3 of which made it through to the event.  Over 80 entries for the 8 categories were put forward to the audience vote (using Active voting system)

The categories were:








PODCAST YOUR PROJECT [including images]

Our entries were as follows:

Numeracy Triangle Revision enhanced podcast –

Year 6 Science Revision mp3 track about Teeth  –

Thames News Report

Thames News Report from Thomas Sale on Vimeo.

Every school that had an entry should be really proud of what they achieved and although as as school we didn’t win, the winners were the children who had been given the opportunity to be creative within the classroom setting, plus it just makes you want to try harder for next year……..

Does your LA have such an event to showcase the excellent range of ICT that takes place both within your setting and locally?

Paperless lesson 2…….

Today I got the children to create a postcard using Openoffice and then email it as an attachment.  This may not sound much but to all my children using email to send something was relatively new, only a couple had every tried it themselves.  The task was to create a postcard, splitting a page in two, writing about Paris on one side them adding the school address (where to send it) on the other.  I then asked them to find their own pictures of Paris to stick on another page to make it look like a postcard.  I had a few issues with Openoffice initially but we managed to overcome them.  Towards the end of the lesson I got the children to search for gmail and then log in using an account and password that I had set up.  They then composed an email – sending it to another account that I had set up, but had it already open on the IWB for them to see their email arriving.  

Having got all this in place I plan to send each group a reply back tonight so that the children have an email to open up and then start to build up their skills in relation to using it safely and sensibly.

Paperless Lesson 1

Today I started my topic En Vacances! with my class (Yr6) as the other class in Yr6 did the same activity but on paper.  I wanted to see if technology assisted/supported children in producing higher quality work.  I used Wallwisher and set up a page for the children to do prior to the lesson.

This would give me a instant idea of what the children wanted from the topic as well as the activities that I had already created in Edmodo.   @kvnmcl  joined the area within Edmodo and with his class contributed to our wallwisher.  My class were at first asking who had added to it – once it was explained they were really impressed, this shows the power that technology can bring to your lessons.

Within Edmodo all the children in my class will be given an access code to a new area – within that area I have created a word document (guide) for what I would like them to do (in pairs) over the next 3 weeks – all work is to be uploaded back to Edmodo, by turning it in.  I will track what they produce but my main aim is to be a facilitator and allow the children to get and be creative with what they produce…….

Within the next few days I am aiming to produce a Voicethread to be shared with @kvnmcl  and his class of a guided tour of Paris – I will supply the pictures the children will provide the voice overs and comments.


Following a twitter convertation started by @icklekid who was ‘looking at VLE’s at the moment have you any experience of website/blog combinations’ it got me thinking.  Currently my school has a website, access to the LA VLE (Fronter) and doesn’t Blog or post Wiki’s.  However, when I move schools in September, I and my new head would like this to change…….

As the conversation developed @porchester, @HGJohn, @andyfield joined in.  @andyfield has an excellent site that incorporates VLE, blogging and Google Apps incorporated.  

So on Monday (8th June) I will be speaking to my new head and seeing what we can do – I so hope it involves a little bit of everything ……will have to wait and see!

Teachmeet NW date has changed!!

Due to various reasons the event has had to be moved forward a week to allow us to us the venue – hopefully this will not affect the number of people who are interested in attending the event.  We could still do with some people to put their names forward to present at the event ……… fancy having a go ??

TeachMeet North West 2009

Friday 2nd October 2009 5-10pm 

21st Century Classroom , Salford, Manchester


21CC Salford:


21CC Salford

2 Broadbent Street


M27 0BQ

21CC Salford is in the grounds of Moorside High School which is situated on the A580 East Lancashire Road.