Creative Curriculum….

Although it maybe the Summer holidays a teacher work is never done……

In September, I start at my new school, staying in Blackpool.  I will be in Yr6, leading ICT.  One thing I want to do is enhance the children’s learning experience.  The school is supported by LA and has access to a number of days at the local CLC.   I want to incorporate ICT into the classroom, develop a creative curriculum (including digital media), improve usage of VLE and provide opportunities for the children to experience something different from the traditional …….

Ideas so far :-

1) using Skype to contact other schools working on a collaborative project

2) developing writing using online games – Samarost / Anikas Odyssey (thanks to @simonhaughton & @porchester)

3) developing my use of VLE / Edmodo

To name a few, I will be blogging about anything else I find/ use within my first term along with my experiences from CLC.  Maybe at TeachmetNW in October I will be also able to share my findings along with gaining some ideas from those who will be present.

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