Games Based Learning within the classroom……

Tonight my LA hosted it’s 1st Games Based Learning meeting – aimed at all the schools that they have given a set of DSs’ too.  We all shared our experiences and they are planning to hold/host a DS challenge in the summer term aimed at all the child who have been part of the pilot project.

This has got me thinking – how to use the advancements in technology within the classroom – it seems I am running behind a few pioneers who constantly thrive to push it within the classroom, so I have taken the plunge…….

I am going to take my own (Wii) into my class and allow the children (& myself) discover the learning possibilities linked to Wii sports initially.  I am going to keep asking and watching my PLN through twitter to see what other games could have an impact on learning – many thanks already to @dawnhallybone, @icklekid, @tombarrett and @primarypete_ for their inspiration……

CEOP training…..

CEOPCEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) today I took part in my LA training.  We were introduced to the thinkuknow website and given a talk about all the online resources including Hector’s world aimed at 5-7 yr olds


along with the thinkuknow cyber cafe aimed at 8 – 10 yr olds.

We were introduced to reporting abuse and the suggestion to use the report abuse button to be linked to school websites so that children have an easy access point.


After such an informative and useful session – I’m eager to get into school and share with both the children and the staff making sure they are all aware of the potential pitfalls about being on line……..