Games Based Learning within the classroom……

Tonight my LA hosted it’s 1st Games Based Learning meeting – aimed at all the schools that they have given a set of DSs’ too.

2 thoughts on “Games Based Learning within the classroom……

  1. Hi Tom,

    Great to hear that you’re taking the plunge with the Wii and bringing your own into the classroom. I’ll look forward to reading about how it develops, what you find it useful for and how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning. I’ve dabbled a little bit in games based learning too but the plunge is to be taken completely next week after my half term finishes.
    I can already envisage many new blog posts appearing over the coming weeks extolling the virtues of games based learning.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I noticed on twitter that @iteachyear4 used Wii bowling to help teach number bonds in class earlier this month. He tweeted afterwards that it was very successful. Might be worth contacting him for more info.
    As a follow up to that I suggested “Perfect 10” in Wii Fit Plus for the same purpose.
    Good luck with the lesson.

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