Teachmeet Blackpool ………..

Following on from the excellent success of the 1st ever teachmeent in Blackpool as organised by @mister_jim and myself, together we have taken on the challenge of setting up the next one in June 2010.

Teachmeet Blackpool

We’re hoping for an even better response than what we had in the 1st meeting.

I would encourage heads to use it as CPD for all staff as, in my 12th year of headship, nothing has had impact for T&L in my school like the meeting you ran last half term. We are now reaping the rewards and our learners are more engaged in the learning process and this has had an impact on engaging the parents too.” stated Frances Wygladala Head Teacher St. Kentigans Blackpool

With both the support of the LA ICT strategy team and the continued passion to develop @mister_jim and I aim to meet a wider audience to include some local secondary schools, as few were represented in January.