Following the last Teachmeet I presented at, TMBolton (23rd Nov 2012), whereby I shared two fantastic apps that I use both within my class and across school, here is the Blog post about them and how I use them within school.

I am at a one form entry school in Blackpool – Mereside (http://meresideblog.wordpress.com/) and this September we decided we wanted to collect evidence of the foundation subjects in relation to the skills being taught, alongside levelling them to give a picture of the subjects across school.

Innovation in Education award

On Wednesday (21.11.12) evening, I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the ‘Innovation in Education award” as part of the Blackpool Gazette education awards along with two High Schools from the local area.

It was fantastic to find out that I had won when the winner was announced, I was very suprised and a little shocked as to me, all I do is go about my daily role of being a class teacher, whilst trying to make the learning opportunites creative and innovative at the same time.

Over the last half term I have been trying to push the use of the Ipad alongside Apple TV.

Collaboration is the key! After finding out (just after half term) which class I was going to be in for September 2011, I decided to set up a google document to share with my PLN (personal learning network) via my twitter account.

Initially I could not believe the response of those that follow me, straight away a number of fellow teachers, who were all going to be in Year 5 (UK aged 9-10) signed up wanting to share ideas, resources, planning and collaborate together. This then got me thinking – What if i created a document for every year group (for Primary schools) whereby teachers could share and collaborate? So one early Sunday morning I set bout creating documents for all to the year groups within a Primary school, from EYFS up to Year 6.

Each document has the same layout “Here we are going to share ideas/resources/plans – anything that is collaborative to all year 5 teachers (chn aged 9-10 yrs old) with an aim to really get the ball rolling ready for SEPT 2011. We might share some planning, or a resource to assist in literacy. It might be a shared document for a maths mental/oral starter.

I could even be a share live lesson between 2 or 3 classes around the world on a specific topic – the ideas are endless – Please add to the items and lets get sharing !”

It is then followed by a Literacy overview for the year with some suggested texts (many thanks to Pete Richardson @primarypete_ for creating these!) along with a link to the Numeracy units (however I am aware these will move soon to the National Archives – but will update it when they do) and finally a section for topic ideas. Some potential ideas for collaboration included:- BLOGGING with class blogs – like the Quadblogging idea via David Mitchell (@deputymitchell)

VLOGGING – video news, comparisons re things like the playgound, lunches, etc 🙂

TWEETING – follow fellow class tweets – reply/ask questions – crowd source EBOOKS – (@colport is the man 4 this)

GOOGLE DOCs – chn create a piece of writing – other chn star and wish/level it ? Script writing – groups can work together on one script. Comments and discussions can be used to help facilitate the writers towards their writing goals.

VOICETHREADS – simiar to above but with video and audio