Following the last Teachmeet I presented at, TMBolton (23rd Nov 2012), whereby I shared two fantastic apps that I use both within my class and across school, here is the Blog post about them and how I use them within school.

I am at a one form entry school in Blackpool – Mereside (http://meresideblog.wordpress.com/) and this September we decided we wanted to collect evidence of the foundation subjects in relation to the skills being taught, alongside levelling them to give a picture of the subjects across school.

2 thoughts on “EVERNOTE & SKITCH

  1. A brilliant way of using 2 excellent apps for effective purposes in school. I’ll definitely show this to the EYFS team at school and give them a practical demonstration based on your suggestions.

  2. Many thanks Kevin – most Blackpool schools are using either Evernote, 2simple or Orbit in EYFS. We stuck with Evernote due to the fact it can then be carried out all the way through school so effectively given whole school from Reception to Yr6, only think that took the time was setting up the tags, but we agreed these as a staff!

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