There is an app for that!

A few weeks ago when flicking through my timeline on twitter, I read about two schools creating an ‘app’ for their school.  An ‘app’ is short for application software.

Both Ian Addison (@ianaddison) and Simon Widdowson (xannov) had both managed to create an app for their schools.  So I thought I would like one of those for my school to help withparental engagement.  After tweeting them both a few questions I set about creating the ‘Mereside app’

Once I had mange to get all the key pieces of information into my app – I then had the issue of getting it published.  They are two ways to go about this.

1) sign up and join Apple’s developer group – for an annual fee

2) find someone who is already registered

Having decided method two was the way forward – Twitter again helped me find Doug Stitcher (@therenegade78) who helped me through the process of getting my app approved through apple and getting it approved for android devices as well.  We also managed to get a feature in the local newspaper.


Currently we are still the only school in Blackpool to have an ‘app’ but I am sure once more schools see the potential of having their own app, more and more school we be develop theirs.  Download the Mereside app – here for iPhone or here for Android here