Following the last Teachmeet I presented at, TMBolton (23rd Nov 2012), whereby I shared two fantastic apps that I use both within my class and across school, here is the Blog post about them and how I use them within school.

I am at a one form entry school in Blackpool – Mereside (http://meresideblog.wordpress.com/) and this September we decided we wanted to collect evidence of the foundation subjects in relation to the skills being taught, alongside levelling them to give a picture of the subjects across school.  After talking with SMT, I persuaded them to go for Evernote.  We gave every teacher an Ipod touch, synced with the school Evernote account.  After some initial training we decided the way forward was to focuss on building up an e-portfolio of every child in school.

I set up the account as follows:-

Each year group has a Notebook – dated the year the children leave Mereside e.g. Yr 6 = 2013.  Within each Notebook every child has a Notebook e.g. James 13 (the reason we numbered the child was incase there was another child in school with the same name).  I then set up the ‘tags’.  The tags allow can be applied to any individual note whilst allowing you to then view all the notes with a specific tag (will come back to this later!)

As a staff we agreed to subject tags:-

tags for the subjects –  Lit, Num, Topic, Sci, Art, DT, PE, RE, Geog, Hist, PSHE ICT
tags for levels – L1, L2, L3, L4, L5
break down of the skills 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, 5b, 5c

staff With all this then set up we then set about letting the staff collect evidence of the children’s work.  The simply load the Evernote app, take a picture of the work, tag it (Yr, subject, level, skill), share/place it into the correct Notebook.

This has revolutionised the way we now assess.  As a subject leader I no longer need to ask for books to monitor, I can simply load Evernote, enter the subject in the search area, click return and all the evidence for that subject across the whole school is there! The search can then be refined even further by adding a tag – eg Sci, L3

On a personal level, I have been using my own personall Evernote account since September as well.  I take notes within it, all my staff meetings are writtien within it, everytime I have a meeting or a piece of paper is given to me – I simple take a photo, tag it and save – for once I can now say I haven’t lost the peice of paper!




The other app I am loving within my class is Skitch.  I am lucky enough to have both an Ipad and Apple TV within my class.  I use my Ipad within my lesson as a portable visualiser through using the camera app.  If i find something I want the children to the focuss on (a piece of writing, a calcuation worked out on a whiteboard), I take a picture with Skitch, hand my Ipad over to another child within my class and ask them to peer share/evaluate. Skitch allows you to annotate over the image, highlight or sketch.  This has proved such a powerful self assessment tool for the children – they are constantly wanting me to take an picture, for them to then share their explanation of why.  The added bonus with Skitch is you can snyc it directly into your Evernote account – thus allowing me to collect even more evidence ……….