Blackpool LITES

Blackpool LITES is not an acronym but a play on words where IT represents Inclusive Technologies and naturally links with a local context through the Lights analogy.

 Blackpool LITES is a developing new pilot using a local concept identity that supports creativity in the classroom. It supports a school to school network of professional development, showcases and trials of new technologies, professional technology conversations, shared networks, links and uses of resources, research, safeguarding,  e-safety, mobile learning development together with media and communication infrastructures.” via Blackpool CLC website

I am lucky enough to be involved with the Blackpool LITES initiative.  A number of exciting opportunities have come up for me :-

  • including running open drop in sessions at the Blackpool CLC
  • Supporting schools in setting up blogs
  • working with the LA on and supporting them setting up Google Apps for Education
  • delvered training on using Google Docs in the classroom
  • sharing apps that i use within the classroom alongside how I use Apple TV

I am looking forward to seeing what other opportunities come up this year …………