Collaboration is the key! After finding out (just after half term) which class I was going to be in for September 2011, I decided to set up a google document to share with my PLN (personal learning network) via my twitter account.

Initially I could not believe the response of those that follow me, straight away a number of fellow teachers, who were all going to be in Year 5 (UK aged 9-10) signed up wanting to share ideas, resources, planning and collaborate together. This then got me thinking – What if i created a document for every year group (for Primary schools) whereby teachers could share and collaborate? So one early Sunday morning I set bout creating documents for all to the year groups within a Primary school, from EYFS up to Year 6.

Each document has the same layout “Here we are going to share ideas/resources/plans – anything that is collaborative to all year 5 teachers (chn aged 9-10 yrs old) with an aim to really get the ball rolling ready for SEPT 2011. We might share some planning, or a resource to assist in literacy. It might be a shared document for a maths mental/oral starter.

I could even be a share live lesson between 2 or 3 classes around the world on a specific topic – the ideas are endless – Please add to the items and lets get sharing !”

It is then followed by a Literacy overview for the year with some suggested texts (many thanks to Pete Richardson @primarypete_ for creating these!) along with a link to the Numeracy units (however I am aware these will move soon to the National Archives – but will update it when they do) and finally a section for topic ideas. Some potential ideas for collaboration included:- BLOGGING with class blogs – like the Quadblogging idea via David Mitchell (@deputymitchell)

VLOGGING – video news, comparisons re things like the playgound, lunches, etc 🙂

TWEETING – follow fellow class tweets – reply/ask questions – crowd source EBOOKS – (@colport is the man 4 this)

GOOGLE DOCs – chn create a piece of writing – other chn star and wish/level it ? Script writing – groups can work together on one script. Comments and discussions can be used to help facilitate the writers towards their writing goals.

VOICETHREADS – simiar to above but with video and audio