Teachmeet Blackpool ………..

Following on from the excellent success of the 1st ever teachmeent in Blackpool as organised by @mister_jim and myself, together we have taken on the challenge of setting up the next one in June 2010.

Teachmeet Blackpool

We’re hoping for an even better response than what we had in the 1st meeting.

I would encourage heads to use it as CPD for all staff as, in my 12th year of headship, nothing has had impact for T&L in my school like the meeting you ran last half term. We are now reaping the rewards and our learners are more engaged in the learning process and this has had an impact on engaging the parents too.” stated Frances Wygladala Head Teacher St. Kentigans Blackpool

With both the support of the LA ICT strategy team and the continued passion to develop @mister_jim and I aim to meet a wider audience to include some local secondary schools, as few were represented in January.

Paperless lesson 2…….

Today I got the children to create a postcard using Openoffice and then email it as an attachment.  This may not sound much but to all my children using email to send something was relatively new, only a couple had every tried it themselves.  The task was to create a postcard, splitting a page in two, writing about Paris on one side them adding the school address (where to send it) on the other.  I then asked them to find their own pictures of Paris to stick on another page to make it look like a postcard.  I had a few issues with Openoffice initially but we managed to overcome them.  Towards the end of the lesson I got the children to search for gmail and then log in using an account and password that I had set up.  They then composed an email – sending it to another account that I had set up, but had it already open on the IWB for them to see their email arriving.  

Having got all this in place I plan to send each group a reply back tonight so that the children have an email to open up and then start to build up their skills in relation to using it safely and sensibly.


Following a twitter convertation started by @icklekid who was ‘looking at VLE’s at the moment have you any experience of website/blog combinations’ it got me thinking.  Currently my school has a website, access to the LA VLE (Fronter) and doesn’t Blog or post Wiki’s.  However, when I move schools in September, I and my new head would like this to change…….

As the conversation developed @porchester, @HGJohn, @andyfield joined in.  @andyfield has an excellent site that incorporates VLE, blogging and Google Apps incorporated.  

So on Monday (8th June) I will be speaking to my new head and seeing what we can do – I so hope it involves a little bit of everything ……will have to wait and see!

Teachmeet NW date has changed!!

Due to various reasons the event has had to be moved forward a week to allow us to us the venue – hopefully this will not affect the number of people who are interested in attending the event.  We could still do with some people to put their names forward to present at the event ……… fancy having a go ??

TeachMeet North West 2009

Friday 2nd October 2009 5-10pm 

21st Century Classroom , Salford, Manchester



21CC Salford:


21CC Salford

2 Broadbent Street


M27 0BQ

21CC Salford is in the grounds of Moorside High School which is situated on the A580 East Lancashire Road.

Science Resource

One of the best resources that I have used this year is www.simplescince.net

“The idea of SIMPLE SCIENCE is to have informative music video presentations for use in the primary school classroom.

They are designed to be used as part of a lesson to reinforce learning objectives and scientific concepts and also as a useful
revision tool for the SAT exams.  They work particularly well on a large whiteboard but can also be viewed on the computer screen and TV.

There is a DVD for each year group which contains all the information videos and video songs for each unit of study of the UK National Science Curriculum. They also have fun karaoke and subtitled versions of the songs on each disc.”


I ordered the complete set for the school (in particular for my year 6, to help with their revision)  The children asked if they could have then to take home.  We discussed this (ie did they want a disc with them on or some other format)  The overall majority wanted to have it on their phones and ipods.  So I contacted one of the creators, Owen Jamerson, and asked if i could convert the files.  He was more than happy for this to happen as I had purchased the complete set of videos.  So with the help of my school network manager, we set about converting every video clip.  The children then uploaded them/ installed them to their chosen device.  

Hopefully, this years SAT’s results can prove the impact this has had on the children.  I can claim to have heard a select few singing out the songs for particular topics in order to answer some of this year questions!! 

Here is an example of just one video – see how long it takes before you too are singing along!

6B Micro-organism Song from Simple Science on Vimeo.

Teachmeet North West

Following the massive success of Teachmeet Midlands organized by Tom Barrett and co and recent conversations (via my Twitter network) @MrKp and myself have taken the opportunity to set one up in the NW of England.  


TeachMeet North West 2009

Friday 9th October 2009 5-10pm

21st Century Classroom , Salford, Manchester



What is TeachMeet?

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Anyone can share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions  or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations.


What can you do?

You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute talk, a two minute nano presentation or lead a conversation.

As with all Teachmeets, we are dependant on our sponsors for refreshments and wifi and other costs. Please contact Steve mrkp(at)mrkp.org.uk   or contact Tom tsale0512(at)gmail.com

Planning for September…..

This morning I visited my new school, had a nosey around, looked at resources and the set up that is currently in place.  The school is very different from where I am currently teaching.  There are lots ( and I mean lots ) that as an ICT subject leader I could do.  But my concern is making sure I have everybody (staff & children) on board.  

The school has laptops for teachers, along with a SMART board in each room, other than that there is very little in terms of development that has taken place over the last few years.  I understand the need to make sure the children meet their attainment targets and that they achieve but I want to make sure I encourage, enhance and develop a passion for ICT/next generation learning.  I want to use ICT to engage them, capture their interest and improve their skills.

For my lesson observation as part of the interview process I used Samorost 2 (thanks again to @HGJohn for the recommendation) the children were excellent – on task, produced the work required and wanted to learn more.  I completely agree with @futurebehaviour, @russellprue, @erinmisegadis & @ian_ridsdale that it doesn’t matter what equipment a 21st century classroom has, it is down to the teacher being prepared to use it, allow others (children) to try it and how we (as teachers) could facilitate it!

What do you think – do you really need a load of exciting equipment to assist you in delivering an exciting, engaging task or is it down to the individual?

Children’s work from Lesson Observation

Following a few requests to see what the children produced during my lesson observation as part of my job interview, here is a sample of some of their work.


I went up to the metal building, knocked on what looked like a door. There was a distinctive sound, a sound I had never heard before”

I heard a sudden thud as I landed on the rocky planet. I cautiously stepped out and heard ant like creatures scurrying into their burrows. I walked towards where the sound came from……..”

As I landed my intergalactic ship, I got out and stepped on the planet for the first time. It was enormous, it had metal trees, metal houses and all around were little grey creatures with two antennae everywhere. I was petrified!”


I have to say a huge thank you to the children at the school who after doing their SAT’s the previous week, this hopefully inspired them to do some work for me

Samorost 2 – Lesson 2

After meeting the main character in Samorost 2 today – we are now going to create a character description including his main feelings, after discovering that his dog has been stolen along with the fact that he has to follow the culprits to their planet and then locate where he is now hidden.  Prior to this the children asked if they could write an explanation of how the rocket worked (including diagrams) Naturally I couldn’t really say no to them wanting to do more writing !!