Science Resource

One of the best resources that I have used this year is

“The idea of SIMPLE SCIENCE is to have informative music video presentations for use in the primary school classroom.

They are designed to be used as part of a lesson to reinforce learning objectives and scientific concepts and also as a useful
revision tool for the SAT exams.  They work particularly well on a large whiteboard but can also be viewed on the computer screen and TV.

There is a DVD for each year group which contains all the information videos and video songs for each unit of study of the UK National Science Curriculum. They also have fun karaoke and subtitled versions of the songs on each disc.”


I ordered the complete set for the school (in particular for my year 6, to help with their revision)  The children asked if they could have then to take home.  We discussed this (ie did they want a disc with them on or some other format)  The overall majority wanted to have it on their phones and ipods.  So I contacted one of the creators, Owen Jamerson, and asked if i could convert the files.  He was more than happy for this to happen as I had purchased the complete set of videos.  So with the help of my school network manager, we set about converting every video clip.  The children then uploaded them/ installed them to their chosen device.  

Hopefully, this years SAT’s results can prove the impact this has had on the children.  I can claim to have heard a select few singing out the songs for particular topics in order to answer some of this year questions!! 

Here is an example of just one video – see how long it takes before you too are singing along!

6B Micro-organism Song from Simple Science on Vimeo.