Paperless lesson 2…….

Today I got the children to create a postcard using Openoffice and then email it as an attachment.  This may not sound much but to all my children using email to send something was relatively new, only a couple had every tried it themselves.  The task was to create a postcard, splitting a page in two, writing about Paris on one side them adding the school address (where to send it) on the other.  I then asked them to find their own pictures of Paris to stick on another page to make it look like a postcard.  I had a few issues with Openoffice initially but we managed to overcome them.  Towards the end of the lesson I got the children to search for gmail and then log in using an account and password that I had set up.  They then composed an email – sending it to another account that I had set up, but had it already open on the IWB for them to see their email arriving.  

Having got all this in place I plan to send each group a reply back tonight so that the children have an email to open up and then start to build up their skills in relation to using it safely and sensibly.

Children’s work from Lesson Observation

Following a few requests to see what the children produced during my lesson observation as part of my job interview, here is a sample of some of their work.


I went up to the metal building, knocked on what looked like a door. There was a distinctive sound, a sound I had never heard before”

I heard a sudden thud as I landed on the rocky planet. I cautiously stepped out and heard ant like creatures scurrying into their burrows. I walked towards where the sound came from……..”

As I landed my intergalactic ship, I got out and stepped on the planet for the first time. It was enormous, it had metal trees, metal houses and all around were little grey creatures with two antennae everywhere. I was petrified!”


I have to say a huge thank you to the children at the school who after doing their SAT’s the previous week, this hopefully inspired them to do some work for me

Samorost 2 – Lesson 2

After meeting the main character in Samorost 2 today – we are now going to create a character description including his main feelings, after discovering that his dog has been stolen along with the fact that he has to follow the culprits to their planet and then locate where he is now hidden.  Prior to this the children asked if they could write an explanation of how the rocket worked (including diagrams) Naturally I couldn’t really say no to them wanting to do more writing !!

Samorost 2

Since SAT’s are over for another year at least I have decided to use SAMOROST 2 to aid/maintain/develop children’s writing.  Over the next few weeks I am going to plan a scheme of work that will inspire the children to want to write/record their ideas either on paper or through some other media

Samorost 2 animated story 

Activity 1 – Descriptive Writing

Describe what you think the planet will look like when you get there (this is when your dog has been stolen, stuffed into a bag and is on its way to another planet)

(remember to use WOW words)

What I am looking for :-

  • describe what can be seen, heard, smelt and touched.
  • You could use made up words.
  • you have used adjectives and adjectival phrases to create an atmosphere, suspense, tension and mystery.
  • How do you feel about being on a strange planet.


En Vacances!

After SAT’s – Year 6 Challenge!

Once SAT’s are over, and we have enjoyed a restful break after half term, I am going to try an experiment in Year 6.  We are a two form entry school and through discussion with my fellow Year 6 teacher we have created the following

This geography based topic investigates a different culture and country. By planning a holiday to France, to discover how Paris has changed over the years. We will investigate key places, buildings, districts and famous people such as the Paris Expo, the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa. Art Nouveau, the Impressionists and Paris culture. You will create a spreadsheet to record the holiday budget, calculate all costing for trips, visits, transport and accommodation.

There is a catch ……..

Half the year group will be using technology (laptops/digital camera/ipod/internet)the rest will be using paper and secondary sources.  The idea behind this is to see what technology can do whilst seeing if the children are able to harness its potential! 

For me it provides the opportunity to see if  a ‘paperless environment’ can work within a school setting …….. Only time will tell!